Have you ever found something you wanted online, ordered it, only to find out it wasn’t exactly what you had you mind? Hi, my name is Chris and i can say this has happened to me more then i would like to admit. You find the seemingly perfect product only to be let down when you actually receive it. Online shopping is convenient, but it has drawbacks. When it comes to ordering online one of the best ways to get real information about a product is from the people who use it, instead of the companies trying to sell it.

Sometimes the information about a product can be misleading and sometimes you may have additional questions. The more reviews you find on a particular product the more informed you are of your purchasing decisions. This saves you time, money and frustration.

The way ReviewsGranted works is simple. There are products online that i want or need. I do research about the particular product I’m wanting at that time. I order it, use it for a period of time and write honest review including as much information as i can. When someone else comes along and happens to be researching about the same product, they get an honest opinion.

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