Braun Clean and Renew Cartridge Refill Shaver Cleaner by Essential Values

Keeping your shaving experience a pleasant one means keeping a clean electric shaver. Luckily the Braun electric shavers make this a simple task with the self cleaning option the shaver charging base provides. Unfortunately this base uses a Braun clean and renew refill cartridge and they can get a little expensive if you’re using it regularly. If you’re like me and use this feature often, then it doesn’t take long before you’re looking for cheaper alternatives.

While searching for alternative cartridges or DIY mixtures to clean my Braun Series 7 electric shaver i came across a product that has done a pretty good of solving this issue. The Braun Clean and Renew Cartridge Refill Shaver Cleaner By Essential Values. Ive never heard of this product or company before but i figured i would take the gamble and give it a shot.

Product Use

How exactly are these small bottles suppose to be a cheaper alternative? The product use is simple as long as you have one of the original Braun clean and renew refill cartridges that fit into the base. The 1oz refill bottle is a concentrated mixture and will give you 3 cartridge refills.

  1. Empty and clean your original refill cartridge
  2. Obtain a 16oz bottle of 70% or greater Isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Empty 1oz from the Isopropyl alcohol bottle so you now have 15oz.
  4. Pour the 1oz bottle of concentrate mixture into the 15oz of alcohol and shake.
  5. Refill your original refill cartridges 3/4 full with your new mixture



  • Unable to find exactly what this mixture is. My best guess is essentials oils for scent and a lubricant for the blades.
  • Cleaning the original and previously used original cartridge can be a bit of a hassle.


Overall I’m a fan of this product. I personally haven’t found any adverse effects from using this regularly on my electric shaver over the last several months. The scent of the product is decent and my shaver ends up clean after each use. If you’re looking for cheaper ways to clean your Braun electric shaver, then this appears to be a viable alternative.