GE ADEL50LW Dehumidifier Review

Living in a humid region of the United States put the humidity levels in my small apartment to uncomfortable levels. The AC can only do so much to extract the extra water out the indoor air. To help make the air in my home more comfortable and battle indoor allergies a dehumidifier was the logical choice to make. To accomplish this task i purchased the GE ADEL50LW dehumidifier. The sleek design and easy to use interface caught my eye. Who would want an ugly appliance just sitting on display in their home? However none of this really matters if it cant complete the job it was designed for. Having never owned a dehumidifier in my life, i wasn’t really sure about what to expect on such a unit. They come in different sizes and a few contain some extra features. Fortunately for this unit, it has been doing a great job.

Product details and features

  • 50 pint holding capacity.
  • Hose connection for continuous drain options (does not contain pump- relies on gravity)
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Pocket handles
  • LED digital controls and display
  • Easy-roll hidden wheels
  • 1 year product replacement limited warranty
  • Energy Star appliance
  • 48 lbs shipping weight
  • Continuous operating mode or auto
  • Auto Defrost
  • Retain settings during power outage.
  • Auto Shut off when water bucket is full
  • Alarm if the water bucket is full or missing fore more than 3 minutes
  • Delay off
  • Humidity level configurable range between 35% and 80%

Digital Controls

  • Power button – On and Off with power indicator light
  • Continuous Operating indicator light
  • Filter timer – For filter cleaning reminders after 250 hours. Also to reset the reminder
  • Humidity display and settings
  • Fan speed settings and lights – High, Medium, Low
  • Delay off – Configurable for 2 hours or 4 hours
  • Empty indicator – For when the water reservoir needs to be emptied.

How does it perform?

Upon unboxing the unit and a quick skim through the instructions. I of course, do the same thing a kid would do when getting a new toy. I plug it in and turn it on. Using a previously purchased hygrometer i already knew roughly what the humidity levels in my home were. It was sitting at a uncomfortable 68% humidity.

My apartment is about 860 square feet. The hygrometer was positioned approximately 30 feet away on the other side of the room. Upon setting the easy to use self-explanatory controls on the unit, it was up and running. The dehumidifier itself only measures in 5% increments and it was showing a current 65% relative humidity. I set the unit for 50% relative humidity on the low fan speed. Three hours later it had already succeeded in achieving that level. I watched the humidity levels on the dehumidifier, and as they increase the unit turns back on and brings it back down 5% below what is set. The dehumidifier cycles on and off when it reads a 10% change in relative humidity. As an example, if i set it for 50% humidity then the unit will run until it reads 45% humidity, then power off. It will power back on when it reads a humidity level of 55%. In reality the humidity fluctuation in my apartment is only changing by 5% according to the separate hygrometer over a 24 hour period. I suspect reasoning behind this is the dehumidifier has a hygrometer as well, but its built inside the unit instead of the outside for a more accurate reading.

One of my first concerns with the unit was the frequency in which the unit cycled on and off. Naturally, this would leave one to believe increased wear and tear on the unit will shorten the life span. Upon some further research, it appears this is just how modern dehumidifiers perform even when looking into other brands. For me personally, during the day the unit comes on for about 5 minutes at a time and powers off for about 10 minutes. During the night it makes it a little longer between cycles. So far this cycling on and off has not presented any issues. Obviously this will differ in larger or smaller spaces and the environment. If it ever does present an issue, ill be sure to post an update.


When it comes to self serviceable parts on the unit, there really aren’t any with out knowing what your are doing. Since the unit contains a fan, this means its contains a filter. After 250 hours a indicator light will tell you the filter needs to be cleaned. All you have to do is remove the water bucket and pull the filter down. Clean it with warm soapy water, rinse and dry.

According to the manual the water bucket should be cleaned every few weeks to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria by using a mild detergent and swishing it around, then empty and rinse.


  • Sleek design that is visually pleasing
  • Easy to use digital controls
  • For a unit with a fan the noise levels aren’t really that bad. I can’t even hear the compressor coming on and off.
  • Water bucket has transparent strip on the front that allows you to glance at the water levels without pulling it out. Its also contains a handle when you do need to empty it.
  • Self defrosting
  • 1 year product replacement warranty
  • Auto shut off when full
  • Continuous drain options
  • Retains configuration during power outage


  • Would like to have had a dimmer on the digital controls. The LED panel in a dark room really stands out.
  • Delay off options are kind of limited. Not really sure why only 2 and 4 hours are available.
  • The unit only measures in 5% humidity increments. Same applies to configuring the humidity levels
  • The frequent power cycling in auto mode has me a little concerned on the longevity of the unit


Overall the unit is performing well for my personal needs. Would like to have seen a few more options on the digital control panel. However none of the complaints are really a deal breaker for me, just “nice to have” observations. I will be sure to post updates to this review if anything changes with the product that presents a concern.