Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine

A good nights sleep. Everyone wants it, but not many get it. Your sleep can be interrupted due to a number factors and one of those is sudden or unsuspecting sounds in the middle of the night. Maybe not enough to wake you, but enough that it takes you out of a deep sleep. A great way to drown out extra noises that go bump in the night are sound machines. They can also be great for creating background noise when you just want to relax. However, not all sound machines are created equal.

Product details and features

  • 30 different sounds
  • Adaptive sound
  • Sleep timer
  • Front panel light dimming
  • 3.5 mm audio output

Let break these features out and go into a little more detail. After all you may be wondering how you get 30 different sounds out of a dial showing only 10 different categories. The answer is the “richness” button. When you choose a category you are given 3 different levels of richness for that particular category. The richness will either completely change the sound or add additional realistic sounds to the category that is playing.

Adaptive sound is a neat little feature that adjusts the volume of the sound machine automatically to accommodate for fluctuating background noise in your environment. Lets say for instance your upstairs neighbor sounds like a elephant as they walk across the floor. The adaptive sound will detect this noise, it then raises and lowers the volume to try to drown out the sound.

The other features are self explainable. There is a sleep timer that will automatically shut off the device after the chosen length. You can turn off all the lights on the front panel. Then there is the 3.5 mm audio output. This is the same audio output used on regular headphones. Anything with the same audio jack should work off of this machine including external speakers.

How does it perform?

Ive been using the Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sound Machine for several months now and Ive had a chance to go through the features and see how they work. There is one thing that makes this sound machine different from some of the cheaper options and that is non-repeating sound loops. A cheaper sound device typically uses an audio recording that loops over and over while it plays, this can get annoying and maybe even wake you up. Somehow this device has managed to eliminate that issue.

Another great feature are all of the different sounds to choose from. Maybe you’re from a large city and your traveling to a quieter location. You lay down your head at night realize you can’t sleep because there is too much silence. This device has a sound for you. The 30 different sounds from the 10 different categories give you a great selection. Personally, i went through several options over many nights and found the one that seems to work best me which is the waterfall category. Now that Ive identified the one i like, i usually keep it on this setting.

When it comes to the adaptive sound and richness features i don’t find myself using these very much. The adaptive sound works just as should and raises the volume as expected but i find this fluctuation in volume to be too much for me and a little distracting. The same goes for a few of the richness options in some of the categories. They work as expected, but it can be a distracting as well when your listening to the ocean and start hearing seagulls at random intervals. However, everyone is different and this may be just the feature you are looking for.

Not going to get into the light dimming and audio jack too much. The “display” button turns off the light as expected. The audio jack plays as expected with nothing unusual to note about it.


  • Non-looping sounds
  • Display dimmer
  • Large selection of sounds to choose from
  • Great sound quality
  • Good build quality
  • Removable power cord
  • Stylish


  • Little on the expensive side
  • Some might find the extra sounds and richness to be too much and just not use them


Great product overall that is well built with plenty of options to choose from to accommodate your noise making needs. In my opinion the non-looping audio in a sound machine is a important feature and this one has it. If you’re not scared away from the price, then the Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sound Machine might be just for you.